Port Jefferson uses 5/8″ Phoenix Coring tines

Bob Merritt | August 6, 2015

CTI’s Phoenix 5/8″ coring tines will equal any equivalent carbide tipped coring tines in terms of longevity.  Considering any other aspect, the Phoenix tine is vastly superior.  For example, Phoenix tines will not rust unlike other tines so you can use them time after time without any worry of them plugging.  As compared to carbide tipped equivalent Read More

01-Aerification Basics A

Bob Merritt | September 16, 2014

Aerification Basics Part A is the first of a two part session and is for people new to the turf industry or those wanting a refresher in aerification basics.  We will cover golf & turf terms; why aerification is necessary and what is involved in the process. 30:33/17.28MB

02-Aerification Basics B

Bob Merritt | September 13, 2014

03-An Introduction To CTI – Part 1

Bob Merritt | August 7, 2014

04-An Introduction to CTI Part 2

Bob Merritt | July 16, 2014

05-An Introduction to Tine Technology Part 1

Bob Merritt | June 16, 2014

06-An Introduction to Tine Technology Part 2

admin | May 25, 2014

07-An Introduction to Quad Tines

Bob Merritt | April 16, 2014

08-An Introduction to Coring Tines, Part 1

Bob Merritt | March 25, 2014

09-An Introduction to Coring Tines, Part 2

Bob Merritt | March 1, 2014