2011 PICA Award

Bob Merritt | March 11, 2012

2011 PICA Aware – Best Of Category

Phoenix Tines

admin | February 10, 2012

Click on this link to see the The Phoenix Tines

Sales Bulletin- Debunking the R&R Myth

Bob Merritt | September 2, 2011

R&R Tines -Debunking the R&R Myth

TIB-Tine Wear and Breakage

admin | March 10, 2010


Quad Tine PowerPoint Training

admin | April 9, 2009

quad-tines.pdf Here is a copy of the Quad Tine PowerPoint Web Training

Vent / Talon Tine PowerPoint Training

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venttine-web-meeting.pdf Here is a .pdf copy of the Vent, Talon, and Round Solid Tine PowerPoint Web Training

Federal Express Shipping Rates from CTI in Wilmington

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federal-expres-shipping-costs.pdf One of the most frequent requests is how much will it cost to ship a package and what are the comparable rates for the various services – two day, three day, next day, etc. Often the customer is satisfied with a reasonably accurate ‘ball-park’ cost. Robert Whiteside, our Packaging and Shipping Manager has prepared Read More

Aerifier Technical Reference

admin | March 31, 2009

technical-reference.pdf This is cross reference showing some of the key specifications on most of today’s leading aerifiers. This is only to be used as a general guide since aerifier manufactures change their designs from time to time and local mechanics may have altered their machines in the past. You should always confirm the necessary requirements Read More

CTI Sizing Reference Card

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cti-size-cards.pdf This is a .pdf file copy of the Size Chart included with our sample kits. If you print it out, please check to confirm that it has printed to scale before using it. Some printers will adjust the image to fit the paper and margins. The easiest way to confirm that it has printed Read More

PowerPoint WebTraining – Coring Tines

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Here is a .pdf file of the PowerPoint presentation used in our Web Training Classes on Coring Tines and ‘Administrivia’. This is not for publication and is for your education only.coring-tines.pdf