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Bob Merritt | January 19, 2018

CTI Reels

Phoenix Vent tines are unmatched

Bob Merritt | February 22, 2016

140,000 Sq. Ft. with Phoenix Vent tines

Fairview Farm’s

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Beaver Brook used Phoenix 1/2″ Coring Tines

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Port Jefferson did all tees and greens with one set of 5/8″ Phoenix coring tines

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130,000 Sq. Ft. with a 3/8″ Phoenix Quad at Egwani Farms

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Phoenix 1/4″ outlast all other non-carbide Quads

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Phoenix 1/2″ Quad Tines at Echelon, “the best out there”

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See what Todd Lime at Echelon Golf Course in Alpheretta, GA has to say about his experience with Ceres Turf 1/2″ Phoenix Quad tines.

Port Jefferson uses 5/8″ Phoenix Coring tines

Bob Merritt | August 6, 2015

CTI’s Phoenix 5/8″ coring tines will equal any equivalent carbide tipped coring tines in terms of longevity.  Considering any other aspect, the Phoenix tine is vastly superior.  For example, Phoenix tines will not rust unlike other tines so you can use them time after time without any worry of them plugging.  As compared to carbide tipped equivalent Read More

2011 PICA Award

Bob Merritt | March 11, 2012

2011 PICA Aware – Best Of Category