Port Jefferson uses 5/8″ Phoenix Coring tines

August 6, 2015

Phoenix Success Stories No 1 EditedCTI’s Phoenix 5/8″ coring tines will equal any equivalent carbide tipped coring tines in terms of longevity.  Considering any other aspect, the Phoenix tine is vastly superior.  For example, Phoenix tines will not rust unlike other tines so you can use them time after time without any worry of them plugging.  As compared to carbide tipped equivalent tines they have a much better cut and core resulting in a recovery that is 15-30% faster.  Over an average 18 greens the typical loss of length is 1/4-3/8″ which is about the same as a carbide tine.  Any Phoenix coring tine will pull up 50% more thatch as compared to a carbide tine.