Product Warranty

Ceres Turf, Inc.’s products are made of the finest materials available and are warranted against any defect in manufacturing or materials.  It is our intention to set the ultimate standard in the turf industry with regard to quality.  If you have any concerns with any CTI product or service, please contact our corporate office immediately at 1-910-256-8974.

Ceres Turf, Inc. has a two level Warranty Protection.  The first is covers any defect in the quality of materials, workmanship, or deviation of design.  The second is our unique “Use Warranty”.

1.  Supply of Products.  Purchase of the product must be made directly from Ceres Turf, Inc. or an Authorized Ceres Turf, Inc. dealer, distributor, or agent.  A complete listing of our authorized companies may be found on the Ceres Turf website at under the “Find A Dealer” section.  Products not purchased directly from an authorized source do not qualify for warranty protection.  If requested, proof of purchase may be required.

Immediately upon delivery all CTI product should be inspected to confirm that the package has been received complete and in good condition.

2.  Warranty [Two types]

“Use Warranty” Ceres Turf, Inc. guarantees all standard Phoenix and Carbide tipped coring tines [P/N’s 1SP-, 1FP-, 1CS- ] with a wall thickness of 0.072 in. or greater to last for 18 greens or 120,000 Sq. Ft. before wearing out or failure.  [A tine is considered ‘worn out’ when it is worn to the ‘side-eject pocket and can no longer pull a core.]  Not covered by this warranty are any ‘Quad’ tines, deep tines, any round solid, Talon, Vent tines or bedknives.

Quality Warranty All Ceres Turf products are covered by our Quality Warranty.  Any product nonconformity with regard to dimension, hardness, reasonably expected performance will be considered under the Ceres Turf Warranty Protection policy as failed if it does not meet Ceres Turf’s high standards for materials, workmanship, and/or performance.  In order to determine if a product nonconformity has occurred the following must be met:

  1. Examples of the ‘failed’ product must be provided for examination if requested by CTI.
  2. Ceres Turf, Inc. is the final arbiter with regard to non-quantifiable or observable complaints.

If the Product(s) returned to Ceres Turf, Inc. as nonconforming were, in fact, conforming at the time of delivery (for example, if the Products were within CTI’s specifications, or if material was damaged as a result of side-wear, improper use such as too long a tine for the aerifier, etc.), Ceres Turf, Inc.’s assumes no responsibility.

3.  Processing of Claims.  Customer shall use the following procedure when processing warranty claims:

  1. Call our office immediately upon becoming aware that there might be a product nonconformity.  Do NOT dispose of any packaging material or the original shipping carton.  Document the product’s ‘lot number’ identifier.
  1. Return Authorization Numbers  All warranty claims will be ‘logged in’ with a unique Authorization Number which will be given upon request.  This number will be the incident tracking number and must be shown on all returns and supporting documents.  The issuance of an RA number does not indicate the validity and/or acceptance by Ceres Turf of any warranty responsibility.
  1. Source of Claims.  Authorized Dealer, Distributor, or Agent or Customers (end users) acting directly with the CTI Corporate office may submit warranty claims with all pertinent information regarding how, when, and under what circumstance a product was used and failed to meet expected standards.
  1. Verification Of Claims.  A senior Ceres Turf Manager will review warranty claim information for completeness, accuracy, and reasonableness once received and complete. 
  1. Timeliness of Claims

Claims must be submitted to Ceres Turf, Inc. in writing within one month of failure or within one year from shipment.  Customers must reasonably assist Ceres Turf, Inc. in identifying the cause for the warranty claim.

  1. Limits of Liability  Ceres Turf, Inc. is only liable for the value of the CTI product(s) purchased on the specific dealer/distributor invoice.  Ceres Turf, Inc. is not responsible for any loss as a result of items not delivered as a result of loss/delay by common carrier, damages in transit, or backordered items.
  1. Review Period  Ceres Turf, Inc. agrees to review all warranty claims within 30 days of receipt of the claim and supporting samples or other required information.  Credit, a refund, or replacement parts will be issued though the channel of the original purchase as deemed appropriate.

5. Return of Failed Products.  Upon Ceres Turf, Inc.’s reasonable request, Customer will return, for Ceres Turf, Inc.’s inspection, a representative sampling of such Products.   Once having been received at Ceres Turf and available for Ceres Turf, Inc.’s inspection, such samples will be inspected and determination made within 30 days.

6. Delivery  All returned products MUST have a valid Return Authorization clearly printed on the outside of the shipping carton with a ‘bill of lading’ specifying the customer’s name, address, the name of the ‘authorized’ Ceres Turf Dealer, Distributor or Agent and including the, original invoice number, quantity and part number being returned

Customer will ship all or a reasonable sample to:

Ceres Turf, Inc.
2312 North 23rd Street
Wilmington, NC 28401  USA

Governing Law.  This Product Warranty Policy is governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the state of North Carolina and the provisions of the United States of America.

It is the general policy of Ceres Turf to make every effort to see that all customers are treated fairly and equitably.  CTI goal is to maintain the highest industry standards for product quality and customer support.  We take all concerns very seriously.


Robert J. “Bob” Merritt,

President and CEO