CTI is a company with a new and unique vision for the turf industry

 Welcome to our new CTI website.  Please feel free to look around and see what’s new.  We believe you will find that it is much easier to use and purchasing directly from CTI will be a snap.  We offer a full range of aerification tines, bedknives, reels, and various other consumable metal products for the turf industry.  We have aerification tines that will fit most conventional and deep tine aerifiers.  We also have a full range of bedknives for the top three mower manufacturers. Our Phoenix Tines and Phoenix Bedknives sections feature the latest technology available in the turf industry and are ‘step change’ products.  Check out our new Bargain Warehouse.

As with all manufacturing companies we occasionally have production over-runs and items with minor blemishes.  We are offering these items at greatly reduced prices resulting in wonderful values.  All Bargain Warehouse items come with a ‘no risk’ approval policy.  Please look in our Customer Forum for the latest in technical information and a ‘blog’ on current industry trends and product successes.  We have a two tiered Product Warranty policy that is the strongest in the industry and merits a look.  No other company offers a non-carbide tipped tine with an 18 green ‘use warranty’—a CTI first.